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Bat-Ami Rivlin

Untitled (tub, water pump)

April 27th - May 30th, 2021

Untitled (tub, water pump) is a site-specific outdoor installation made for Backyard Ghost space in Brooklyn NY. A bathtub is ‘installed’ in the ground with an arched water pipe erecting out of its drain. Every 35 seconds the pipe spits out water into the tub, which goes down the drain and disappears again. The work explores connecting tissues between objecthood and utility; the object repeats a fragment of its intended use, caught between action and result. The bathtub disappoints; it spits water out only for a second, repeating a faint, but a disciplined cycle that is not dramatic enough to become a spectacle. Only a reminder, a remnant of the ginormous system of pipes and bodies it used to belong to. This broken theater is underscored by the repeated vibrations and noise of the trains speeding on the bridge tracks just behind the installation site. 

-   Bat-Ami Rivlin

[April 21st, 2021, 4:46pm]

[April 21st, 2021, 4:51pm]


[April 21st, 2021, 4:46:50 pm]

Copy of MVI_0563_b_April21,2021_4_49_54p

[April 21st, 2021, 4:49:54 pm]


Bat-Ami Rivlin (b. 1991) holds an MFA from Columbia University School of the Arts (2019), and a BFA from School of Visual Arts, New York (2016). Rivlin was most recently a New Art Dealers Alliance NADA House Governor’s Island Residency Fellow (2020), and is currently an A.I.R. Gallery Fellow (2020-2021). Her work has been recently included in the exhibitions Latent Memory; Dust on my Tongue, Miriam Gallery, Brooklyn, NY (2021), Soft Windows, Public Swim, New York (2020); In/Between- Transfigure, New York Live Arts, New York (2020); Performing Authorship: 31 Days in March, curated by Saul Ostrow, PS122 Gallery, New York (2020); Seven Artists/Seven Works, M 2 3, New York (2020); Battleship Potemkin, Fredric Snitzer Gallery, Miami (2019). Rivlin was the subject of a solo exhibition No Can Do at M 2 3, New York (2021) and It All Trembles, curated by Nicole Kaack, at NARS Foundation, Brooklyn, NY (2019).

Emily Toder, reading her book Waste (BlazeVOX, 2019)



Emily Toder is the author of the poetry collections Waste (BlazeVOX, 2019), Beachy Head (Coconut Books, 2014), and Science (Coconut, 2012), and the chapbooks It's Not Over Yet (If a Leaf Falls Press, 2018) and Brushes With (Tarpaulin Sky, 2010). A graduate of the MFA Program at UMass Amherst, she also holds degrees in Library Science and Literary Translation. Of late, she enjoys cross-stitching New York City landmarks, and in the past and future, she runs letterpress workshops at Wendy's Subway in Bushwick. She's currently working on poems about the Terminator.

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