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Bradley Pitts' Swing
Oct 28 - Dec 4, 2020
OPENING EVENT  :  OCT 31, 2020 3-4PM
Zoom & Instagram Live

Swing, 2020, Repurposed wood, nails, plastic bags and packaging, image courtesy the artist

Bradley Pitts’ work speaks to loss without physical absence—related to both the precarities of the current moment as well as his experience growing up around addiction. His materials (whether found, purchased, made, harvested, or acquired for personal use) are employed as residue—of systems and cultures, of thoughts and beliefs, of lives lived and actions performed. The resulting sculptures are pile-ups of physical and mental forms in which the histories and associations of his materials are forced to meet and grapple with one another, producing moments of harmony, conflict, and/or contradiction. The internal tensions are often emotional, funny, serious, and ironic at the same time.


Thank you everyone who joined us for the opening event!

IMG_7672 2.HEIC
IMG_7667 2.HEIC

* All images courtesy of the artist

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